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Presentation in english

Posté : lun. 09 février 2009, 22:58
par puce67
Only in english please on this first forum...

Thank you very much !

I introduce myself...

Posté : mar. 08 octobre 2013, 21:25
par kijan-ay
Good evening everybody!
I've already done my introducing on the forum,but i find the idea to improve our student's english is great,so i'm executing.
I hope that there won't have too much spelling error.
So,in short:
My name's Kijan-ay,i'm living in Guadeloupe,an island in the West-Indies Caribean,and that for 8 years now.I've 2 tanks:one of 96L and the second one makes 20L.
This passion is pretty expensive right here cause everything is imported.So ,i have to command all my stuff from France and even that way,it's still cheapier.
One of my tank (20L),is inhabited by a Betta ,the soil is composed only with Catappa and it has no filtration.
The other (96L) is far more motley and full planted.
That's all folks!
See you soon on the forum!!!

Re: Presentation in english

Posté : dim. 24 novembre 2013, 21:57
par puce67
Hello !