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The micro-worms
They constitute a food for small and large fish.
With one strain, there is an available small worms reserve for all the year; they are very useful to nourish fry, using a brush or a cotton applicator.
The size of the pot is appropriate for a small animal raising but can be multiplied at will.
Micro-worms: the breeding
You have the dry medium in the sending and the micro-worms strain is delivered separately.

It is enough to follow the instructions written on the dry medium packaging:

- add 5 volumes of hot water for three volumes of dry medium , wait until the medium cools down and put the strain by adding a cold water drop in the sachet to remove all the worms.
You pitch the culture on the surface.
Not need to mix; micro-worms will do it themselves

The out pricking must be completed in 3 or 4 weeks.

Preserve at ambient temperature.